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OP SystemAndroid 4.4+
Version30.8.14-21 [0] [PR] 451445873
Supported languagesEnglish +46 more
Updated onJune 7, 2022
Size49 MB
Rating Rating 5
Status Safe Safe
  • Google Play Store
Whats's new in Google Play Store v30.8.14-21 [0] [PR] 451445873
  • UI and UX improvements.
  • More safe and fast.
  • New menu design.

Google PLAY is Google’s official store for Android smartphones and tablets. From here, Google distributes films, games, books, but mostly: apps.

Its very cleanly designed interface makes browsing among its categories an easy and seamless experience. If you’re looking for books, a quick tap on the “Books” icon comes up with many titles, or if what you’re looking for is some movie, a quick tap to “Movies” gets you a whole list of films. Once you log on, you can filter your search results according to the genre, “Top selling”, “Top charts”, etc.

Regardless, while Google PLAY is an excellent ally for those of you who want to download movies or books, it is particularly useful for anyone who wants to download Android apps or games. In its applications section, you will find an overwhelming repository of apps. The same will happen if you enter the games section.

Many of the Google PLAY apps, such as some of the most groundbreaking games, or most prestigious applications, are, of course, paid-for. Still, many interesting games and applications are available completely for free.

Google PLAY Store is the quintessential store for Android. The former “Android Market” has managed to reinvent itself to create one of the best possible places to download and purchase apps, movies, books, and all kinds of material for Android devices.

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Author By Ibrahim


Is Google Play Store available for IOS?

No, Google Play Store is only available for android devices.

How can download Google Play Store for PC?

You can download Google Play Store for PC using the android emulator, for Example: BlueStacks.

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Very Good App

    Ibrahim admin

    Thank You So Much Wikoles ❤️